The FOG is a five-person Bay Area rock band that was established  in 2011. Our music is infused with touches of blues and rock, with something for everyone. 

We play high-energy, danceable music - mostly cover songs (with a few originals). We are ready to play your event regardless of what your venue may be - we play everything from clubs to private events to festivals. So if you’re looking for some live entertainment for your next event, look no further than The FOG!

Band member bios:  

Dan Burgess (bass guitar): Dan's musical journey started at the age of 10. He has played in numerous garage bands and church bands through out his school years. He married right out of high school, and began raising a family. Continuing to play casually with family and friends at parties and get-togethers. Approximately 35 years later he decided it was time he should start playing again as part of a band. So at the end of 2006 with many trials and errors, and bands, he continued his search for the right group of guys, which is now known as “THE FOG”. 

Michelle Biondini (lead vocals): Michelle came from a whole family of musicians. Mom played guitar and taught her basic chords when Michelle was nine years old. That Christmas, her father, a singer also, surprised her with a double bass drum set. Her older brothers played guitar and bass and taught Michelle how to be a ‘drummer’. Playing drums in family/school garage bands over the next four years.  At age thirteen, she concentrated on playing guitar to develop her voice. “I can’t remember when I haven’t been in a band since then” says Michelle. “I’ll sing and play music as long as I can.”

Ruben Ornelas (drums, vocals): Ruben is a Bay Area native. Has played the drums for over 35 years. He has played in various bands ranging from classic rock, blues, hard rock, Beatles tribute and dance/top 40. As a self taught drummer, he has many many influences. They include Ringo, Vinnie Colaiuta, Phil Collins. “As a drummer I try to be the foundation of the house. Solid footing for the rest of the band to shine.” He is learning to play ukulele, too.

Brian Osborn (guitar, vocals): Brian began playing guitar 40 years ago (after trying piano and trombone). His love of guitar stemmed from the musicians he admired – including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Edward Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alex Lifeson, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, and Eric Johnson. Over the years, Brian has performed, recorded, and written with various musicians and groups. He’s had the opportunity to gig around the U.S. (including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland) as well as in Australia, and he has shared bills with Jesse Dayton and members of the Isley family. To this day, Brian continues to love creating music with others.  

Greg Goetchius (keyboards, vocals): Greg was born and raised on the east coast near the Jersey Shore, and was influenced by Jersey rockers Springsteen, Bon Jovi and others. Classically trained on piano, he became a huge fan of progressive rock and idolized Keith Emerson (ELP), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Tony Banks (Genesis). Greg joined his first rock band at the age of 15, playing classic rock long before it was considered "classic". Having acquired a Hammond L100 organ and a portable Yamaha keyboard, he lugged his gear around to various house parties, bars, and the obligatory "Battle of the Band" competitions in his hometown high school. He continued playing in various rock bands and electronic music bands throughout college in the early 80s, and also began to compose his own music in a "basement studio" with an irresponsible amount of keyboard gear, mixers, effects and recording equipment. Now a 'seasoned veteran' (old guy), Greg's musical chops stay focused on classic rock.

If you are in need of some great music for your event, please contact us.