The FOG is a South Bay Rock Band that was established  in 2011. They are infused with a touch of the blues and rock with something for everyone. 

We are a five piece band consisting of a lone guitarist, a drummer, a bass player, lead vocalist, and a harmonica player. We are a high energy, very danceable cover band with originals as well. We are ready to play your event regardless of what your venue may be. They play everything from benefits to clubs, and anything in between. So if you’re looking for some live entertainment for your next event look no further.

Dan’s musical episode started at the age of 10. He has played in numerous garage bands and church bands through out his school years. He married right out of high school, and began raising a family. Continuing to play casually with family and friends at parties and get-togethers. Approximately 35 years later he decided it was time he should start playing again as part of a band. So at the end of 2006 with many trials and errors, and bands, he continued his search for the right group of guys, which is now known as “THE FOG”. 

Steve picked up his first Harmonica while attending JR High in Sunnyvale. It wasn't until attending Sunnyvale High when he started to listen to Sunny Terry and Lee Oscar did he start to take the Harp more seriously. Since then he has sat in a number of groups but until most recently has not stayed with a group. His music influences range from Big Band Sounds of Tommy Dorsey to Blues of Sunny Terry to the sound of the Bay Area Rock of the late 60's to the early 70’s.  

Mike although born in the Bay Area and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains he finally came back to the bay after 35 years. He started playing drums around 14 years old and took a few  
breaks throughout the years while he was serving in the military. In the last 10 years Mike really got back into music heavily while living in the Seattle area. From a 80s POP band to classic rock, country and a lot of blues and performing at the Big Sky Blues festival in Montana. He is a huge Rush fan with lots of influences from AC/DC, Head East, Bad Company, Montrose and many others. 

Brian began playing guitar 30 years ago (after trying piano and trombone). His love of guitar stemmed from the musicians he admired – including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Edward Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Alex Lifeson, Robben Ford, and Eric Johnson. Over the years, Brian has performed, recorded, and written with various musicians and groups. He’s had the opportunity to gig around the U.S. (including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland) as well as in Australia. To this day, Brian continues to love creating music with others.  

Rich started singing before he can remember and played in his first rock n’ roll band when he was 15. He has been doing it ever since. A transplant from the Midwest, his influences include Zeplin, Elton John, and Queensryche, among others. Rich writes and records original music as well as performing classic rock n’ roll with the Fog.

Our new EP CD  "Musings of a Lunatic" is has been released with our original work.  Please check out our scheduled Gigs and if you are in need of some great music for your event contact us.